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Rebel Treasure

When discussing rebels, there are numerous sorts of them, a not simply the agitators that defy the school or the guidelines that are critical to be acknowledged at home. There are additionally genuine revolutionaries who ascend in restriction or even furnished opposition against a built up government or pioneer. Che Guevara is likely the most well known worldwide countercultural image of resistance and worldwide emblem in mainstream society and his name and face can be found all over the place, as an image of general insubordination.

10 years back, there was a sure defiance and it is accepted that the renegades acquired a major measure of gold. They have stollen this gold during the disobedience and conceal it some place. Thomas, Sarah and Shirley suspect that the gold is covered up in one specific house.

They show up at the house with an arrangement to look through all through the rooms and expectation that they will discover where the gold is covered up. The gold might be in the house, or possibly the tale about the gold is only a urban legend. We should look around and we will discover reality very soon.

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