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Temple of Illusion

The faun is a legendary half human–half goat animal with the legs of a goat and the middle of a man and is consistently delineated with goat’s horns. Fauns were an image of fruitfulness, and their gathering chief was Silenus, a minor divinity of Greek folklore. As you may see, there are not fauns between us any longer but rather imagine a scenario in which things were smidgen unique.

Tasia is a faun, sent by her kin in the sanctuary of dreams, with aim to request that the incredible performer spare her kin from evaporating. The quantity of her kin is decreasing and littler consistently on the grounds that the spots where they live currently are being occupied by the detestable trolls that like to manage the world. Tasia has chosen to find a workable pace performer, yet he is going through the place where there is figments and it is difficult to pass the obstructions that are set here.

You would never realize what is genuine and what isn’t right now you generally must be alert while busy. That is the reason Tasia would require some assistance from us, to assist her with managing the sanctuary of deception and do everything that is required for her kin to be okay and face those awful trolls.

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