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The Broken Statue

Individuals need to trust in something. There are the individuals who are committed to religion, to finding greater power in the divine beings. There are other people who regard the religions and regard them as a custom perhaps. There are skeptics also, the individuals who don’t trust in anything like this, in the presence of divine beings and higher forces. Nonbelievers are those are really accept the most, they have confidence in nothing. In any case, before the religions existed, there were individuals that had confidence in higher powers, in agnosticism. There are clans and individuals who have faith in totems, in objects that they devote to Gods and are persuaded that really those items shield them from awful powers.

The elf Betlin is en route to make his greatest experience needing to spare his town. He has faith in the accounts of his granddad. He tells about some statue that some time before has been arranged in the focal point of the town. That statue is definitely not a straightforward one.

That is the defender of his kin. Betlin needs to discover the pieces of the messed up statue so he can create it by and by and to set it in the focal point of the town. That way he can shield his kin from all the fiascoes and awful issues.

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